Over the years many Packaging Companies have evolved around the world and offered excellent solutions to the various Industries they serve today. Totara Total Solutions is a company based on the 5 elements of living Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart, whereby incorporating our daily surroundings with what we use daily and taking into consideration what we throw daily. At Totara TS, we educate the customers from all aspects of business and how to achieve their bottom line.

Packaging products are derived from

Earth Element includes resin from petro-chemical and trees which grow on the ground chopped to produce paper. Water and Fire Element used to manufacture packaging products. Wind Element which is used to inflate our airbags and bubble. At Totara Total Solutions we add on the Element of Heart in making the right decisions for “OUR VALUABLE” customers at the same time saving the planet and organization in spending on packaging products used daily.

The true meaning of Totara

It’s an ideology which incorporates and blends the surrounding and the living to achieve the ultimate goals in time to come. The right decision has to be made today for a betterment of our future. Organization survival, people’s growth, earning capacity, saving the planet and keeping packaging cost minimum to maximize organization profits.

"Paper or plastic?" should be replaced with, "Do you have your reusable shopping bag with you?" The challenge we now face is to replace the throwaway economy with a reduce, reuse, recycle economy. Our earth can no longer tolerate the pollution, the energy use, the disruption from mining, and the deforestation that our throwaway economy requires. It is easy to forget how many...


The BioBag or biodegradable bag is the ecofriendly alternative for a plastic carrier bag. Made of renewable resources a BioBag carrier bag is 100% compostable in an industrial composting plant (or home composting). A BioBag can be used several times before being composted (as a bag for kitchen and garden waste). Besides the famous shopping bags our assortment of...