No. Description (Remarks)
1. Any Improvement done in past 3 years of supply?
2. Cost Down provided in past 3 years?
3. Any initiative in Providing New Solutions?
4. Yearly Review on Customer’s challenges?
5. Total Paid on equipment over the past years? Why rent when we provide equipment for “FREE”.
6. How many time price increased in 3 years? What was your supplier’s justification?
7. Looking for Other Solutions with Long Terms Cost Down Plan

Note :

  1. If you answered “NO” to first 5 questions move to No. 7. Immediately Call us for our proposal 3 years cost down plan.
  2. If you answered “NO” to 2 of the questions you need to call your existing supplier and ask for an improvement plan with Immediate “Cost Down” . If they are unable to meet your requirement do Call us for our 3 years cost down plan.