Mini Pak'r
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Make Your Own Packaging Supplies with The MINI PAK 'R Air Cushion Machine

Save money, protect fragile items and eliminate packing materials storage issues with the MINI PAK'R air cushion machine.

Small and smart, the MINI PAK'R can make six different types of air cushions to package whatever you're shipping better than bubble wrapping material or packing peanuts.

Ultimate Packaging Protection: Six Different Air Cushions, No Popping

This one little machine makes industrial-strength packaging supplies, when  and  where  you  need  them.  With  the  NOVUS® air  cushions made with the MINI PAK'R, air moves between pockets instead of popping, eliminating deflated and potential related shipping damages.

The Best Way to Package Fragile and Valuable Items

The MINI PAK'R is ideal for retailers, manufacturers and distributors:

  • Electronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Auto, Marine, Aircraft and Motorcycle Parts
  • Retail Stores (Brick & Mortar, internet)
  • Pack and Ship Store
  • Lighting and home furnishings
  • Artists, Potters, Sculptors and Galleries
  • eBay Shippers

A Better Way To Package is Here

  • Saves Money and Space
    - Save money by using less packaging materials with the MINI PAK'R
    - Save money with lower damage claims and potential lower shipping costs with lighter weight air cushions
    - One small roll of Novus Double Cushion film equals seven 14 cubic foot bags of peanuts
    - Storage advantages neat& tidy
  • Convenient
    - Make packaging supplies whenever you need them
  • Protects
    - Air moves between cushions so no popping and no damage.
  • Versatile
    - Six different air cushions are made with this one machine.
  • Simple
    - MINI PAK'R automatically sets air pressure and sealing temperature.
  • Compact
    - Sits on table or mounts on wall.
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Eco-Friendly
    - Reusable and recyclable.

Product Specifications

  • SIZE: 14 inches long X13 inches wide X 11 inches high.
  • WEIGHT: 13 pounds, without film.
  • SPEED: Dispenses air cushions up to 25 feet per minute.
  • WEAR PARTS: Two, blade and belt.
  • ACCESSORIES: Wall mount, power cords.
  • WARRANTY: One Year Limited Warranty.