Opus Bio

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As a customer of Green Light, you will receive a written service contract outlining our obligations to you. Our team of UK wide engineers is on hand to provide ongoing support  and training. Considerable investment in our customer support infrastructure means that;

  • 72% of service calls are resolved on the same day
  • 99% are resolved by the next working day
  • 96% of our customers scored our engineering support  as "excellent" (5 out of 5).
  • Fast, reliable, easy to use system
  • UK wide technical support
  • Biodegradable, reusable, recyclable air cushions
  • Reduces plastic pollution
Technical Specifications
Speed 82 Cushions per minute (200mm x 200mm)
Throughput Max. 11 cubic metres per hour
Film Length 650m
Film Configurations 200mm x 100mm, 200mm x 200mm, 200mm x 250mm, 400mm x 120mm
Electricity Supply 110 I 240V single phase
Dimensions 56cm x 46cm x 33cm
Weight 20kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Does OPUS Bio film perform as well as traditional plastics?

Yes. The puncture resistance,tensile strength and air permeability of OPUS Bio film is virtually identical to non-degradable plastics.

Opus Bio Film is biodegradable. What difference does that make?

OPUS Bio film reduces plastic  pollution and the  volume  of  plastic  going to landfill. When  disposed  of, Opus Bio film  will biodegrade within 12 to  24 months  leaving no toxic  residues. Conventional plastics  will remain  in the environment for  decades, often as litter or filling up ever decreasing landfill reserves.

How does the film biodegrade?

The film  uses special additives that  start  to  degrade  the  material without impacting the integrity of the  film.  Once disposed of, the film  will undergo oxidative degradation. The molecular structure of the film is altered enabling the material  to totally degrade  in the presence of moisture, micro-organisms and oxygen.

So, how can my customers dispose of the air cushions?

Opus Bio air cushions can be recycled in the existing  plastic waste stream. The cushions can also be recycled in home or commercial composting facilities.

Can I have my company logo printed on the cushions?

Yes. Show your customers that you care about  the environment. "82% of UK consumers  prefer  to purchase  goods  and services from  companies  that  are socially and environmentally responsible." Social Market Foundation

Tailor-made handling systems

For high volume packing lines, we offer  a range of custom designed material handling solutions to meet individual needs. These are designed and built in the UK and installed by our team of experienced engineers.

For smaller volume customers we provide a range of off the shelf, portable  storage solutions to improve packing efficiency in the warehouse.